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Location:Chiba, Japan
I'm an average person, living in a much bigger than average city with my husband and my cat.

We have two children: our angel daughter, who was born on September 14th, permanently sleeping after a very sudden and complete placental abruption; a very rare pregnancy complication often fatal to both the mother and child. She has become our guardian angel. She touched a lot of lives for having only lived for 35 weeks on this earth, never breathing air. She taught us a lot about taking life one day at a time and how precious even that one day is. Her name is Fiona Sayuri. We loved her deeply and know she will forever be with us.

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Our second daughter was born on October 25th, 2014. She was born almost 2 months premature and spent around a month in the NICU before coming home. She's a handful, but she is our joy. Her name is Lydia Mikoto.

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I enjoy my life here, and I love my friends and wonderful little family.

I have little room in my life, at this point, for immaturity, drama, or any of that crap.

I believe in the inherent good of people until they prove me otherwise.

I'm kind of boring--I'm not a big party girl anymore, I don't drink much, (if at all, and lately have stopped entirely), don't smoke, don't do illegal substances, and prefer a night at home with my hubby and cat. I like to have fun, but have moved on from the single life and/or the party life.

I like getting to know people, but I'm really only going to friend people I know well, so if you are interested in getting to know me, message me. I will NOT accept Friends Requests unless I know you and have asked you to add me, OR you have messaged me and we have talked extensively.

Ahhhh, sigh.....

OKAY, apparently I need to put some warnings up:

--I have a massive, and raging, case of: "potty mouth". Don't friend me if this will bug you.

--I am not a Christian. I will take your higher power's name in vain, and not flinch. You, however, might, and if that offends you, or my religion offends you, don't add me!

--I'm a not-so-much-practicing-anymore Wiccan, with Buddhist and Shinto leanings thrown in. I studied the latter two for the first time back in Elementary school cause it was kosher to do so at my school, and then as I got older I stumbled my way onto the former. Hence what I am today.

--I DO NOT tolerate jokes about sexual assault, mental illness, suicide, etc. Aka, don't be a douchebag.

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